About Us

About us

Lighting the Way

Welcome to LED And Beyond, where expertise meets innovation since 2015!

Drawing on decades of experience dating back to the 1980s in wiring and specialized harnesses for military vehicles, aircraft, and helicopters, we pride ourselves on being a versatile company capable of handling projects from design and drawings to mechanical and electrical manufacturing and installation.

Authorized HELLA Distributor

As an authorized Hella distributor, we excel in addressing any DC lighting challenges you may encounter. Our key specialties include:

  1. Special Vehicles Expertise:
    • Mobile clinics, offices, and security vehicle preparation.
  2. Off-Road Prowess:
    • Battery systems, spotlights, interior and work lights, and auxiliary electrical harness manufacturing for off-road vehicles.
  3. Solar Solutions:
    • Equipping vehicles with solar systems featuring lithium or gel batteries.
  4. Truck Electrical Aftermarket Fitment:
    • Offering a comprehensive range of aftermarket electrical fittings such as spotlights, battery cutoff switches, reverse buzzers, roof beacon lights, marker lights, and more for trucks.
  5. Light Boxes and LED Installations:
    • Strong capabilities in manufacturing light boxes and installing LED lights on both vehicles and trailers.

In addition, we are your go-to source for original lights directly from Hella, manufacturer of lights to most of the European car manufactures. This enables us to supply original lights to insurance companies, panel beaters, workshops, and the public. Not only limited to lights, but we also provide original OEM parts at a fraction of the price for various automobile electrical components.

Diagnostic Tools

Our third business segment revolves around cutting-edge automotive test equipment:

  • Gutmann X Diagnostic Tools:
    • Essential for in-depth vehicle analyses, this tool is a must-have in every workshop. LED AND BEYOND is among the few distributors authorized to sell and support Gutmann X Diagnostic Tools in South Africa.
  • ADAS Radar Calibration Tools:
    • As part of the Gutmann Mega Macs X, our Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) tooling plays a critical role in setting and calibrating different components to ensure the safety systems of your vehicles are maintained.

At LED And Beyond, we don’t just provide solutions; we illuminate the path to a safer, more efficient automotive experience.